Love Is ... - Digital Tracks

MM album cover Love Is....jpg
MM album cover Love Is....jpg

Love Is ... - Digital Tracks


This song is written to help teach children many ways in which we can share and spread love. We can do this by modeling ourselves and teaching young children ways to spread love through sharing a toy, giving a hug, being kind, and taking a turn, we can help make the world a better place.

This song has an upbeat rhythm, easy to follow and short simple lines that can easily be memorized and repeated. Have fun sharing and adding all the different ways you and your child can spread love.

This purchase includes: 

  • Song with vocals
  • Song without vocals - Instrumental
  • Lyrics and chords

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For $1.00 extra you can receive as a bonus a copy of the piano score including guitar chords and lyrics to make learning the melody easier!

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