Find out what previous clients and families are saying about John Mews - Mewsic Moves and their services.

The music therapy sessions helped improve her musicality but also her confidence and social skills grew. She went to every session with a big smile and left with a bigger smile!
— R. Wilson
John is enthusiastic, motivated and committed to bringing a high quality of music therapy services to his clients and their families. He has excellent clinical skills, is organized and works well with peers and colleagues.
— Dr. S. Summers
John is an amazing therapist and human being! He does wonderful work, connecting and giving voice to those with special needs through his gift of music. It is truly inspiring to watch him use his gifts to improve the lives of others.
— T.P
John has worked with my son Mark who has autism, for over 7 years. In that time, I have seen an incredible growth in Mark’s coping skills, and his increasing tolerance with transition. The greatest joy in my life was in seeing Mark truly love the music interaction with John. With all the other therapies that represent the forcing of Mark to conform, music therapy was just natural. As a result Mark never knew there was therapy involved. Music Therapy has been a total gift for my son, and the joy that it has brought has been indispensible to Mark and our whole family.
— A. Reid
John is a very empathetic, passionate, creative person. He is a beautiful human-being, and a skilled therapist. I am glad to be his colleague, and grateful to had John in my path.
— V. Araujo
My KIDS felt that they were listened to, respected and had fun in the music therapy environment. I felt like the experience was valuable, genuine and effective. It’s nice when both kids and mom agree - thank-you Mewsic Moves!
— T. Patterson
There are two types of therapists in this world. Therapists who just go through the motions, and therapists who actually get it. John is one of the latter. I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with John for over a decade and am consistently impressed with not only his depth of knowledge, but also his unique ability to really become an advocate for the needs of his clients. Whether it be a child with a developmental disability, mental health issue, or a couple who are working through relationship issues, John consistently finds unique ways to help them develop strategies for growth and success. As a therapist and coach myself, he is one of the few people that I will ever refer my family and close friends to.
— J. Timms