A.U.T.I.S.M - Digital Tracks

MM album cover - AUTISM.jpg
MM album cover - AUTISM.jpg

A.U.T.I.S.M - Digital Tracks


This song is written to celebrate and honor Autism Awareness Month. The song  also educates and displays the diversity within children with AUTISM. Autism can mean many thing to many people. This song can be used to empower children with autism as well as to educate others about autism. The song download includes an instrumental track so you can choose your own words of what autism is to you and your child.

This song is a rock and blues style. It's upbeat rhythms and tunes are catchy and easy to follow. Have fun sharing and adding all the different things that autism is to you and your child.

This purchase includes: 

  • Song with vocals
  • Song without vocals - Instrumental
  • Lyrics and chords

All for only $2.99! 

For $1.00 extra you can receive as a bonus a copy of the piano score including guitar chords and lyrics to make learning the melody easier!

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