Music Therapists Sharing Favourite Apps

image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG/

image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG/

At our annual MTABC (Music Therapy Association of BC) business meeting I was struck by something that one of the presenters said.  “We need to focus on abundance and less on lack," she said.  Those words have stayed with me all week.

I was there to present my favourite iPad apps and how they can be very helpful tools to music therapists. There truly is an abundance of great apps helpful for music therapists, and some of these are even free. I was happy to share my favorites, and to explain why I found them to be so useful. 

I'd like to continue sharing the abundance of these great tools, so I thought I'd post my favorites here too. I invited all music therapists in attendance to post their favorites as well. That way everyone benefits!

Here is a list of our favourite apps for music therapists from MTABC. Many of these apps can be used across multiple populations. I have done my best to put them in categories according to appropriate population benefit.


Multiple Populations:




Celtic Harp




Recorder HD

History of Rock

History of Jazz

Small Talk Phonemes

Adults:  Mental Health, Brain Injury, Geriatrics and 
Speech and Language

Trivia Tunes

3D Brain

Small Talk Dysphagia

Small Talk Oral Motor


Baby Chords

Piano Pals


Songify – Turn Speech Into Music


Dust Buster

Wild Chords

Pic Card Maker

Endless ABC

Vid Rhythm


Magic Piano

Falling Stars

Glee Karaoke


Music Therapists: Helpful Tools

Turboscan – quickly scan multi page documents into high-quality PDFs

DeepDish GigBook – Organizing all your songs


iReal b – Music Book and Play along