Paris Wu


Board Certified Music Therapist

Neurologic Music Therapist

I always knew I had a special bond with music since I was little. I was always curious about different instruments and different types of music, eager to learn more and more. I started singing and taking flute lessons at a young age. Unlike other kids, I enjoyed the spot light whenever I sing or play the flute on stage because I could feel the connection that music created between me and the audience and how much of an impact I could bring through music. 

However, music can bring so much more than just joy and pleasure. When I volunteered at a school in northwest China to provide extra education to underprivileged students, I saw how much the kids opened up to me and how much they gained their confidence through musical activities. Their eyes lit up when we sang their favorite songs, and they began to talk about their lives through their favorite lyrics.  The connection we built in a short amount of time through music was unbelievably touching. That's when I decided to pursue a career in music therapy. 

I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree on Music Therapy and Songwriting. Throughout my practicum studies, I applied songwriting techniques into my clinical practice to serve my clients in various settings including children's hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, schools, and elderly facilities. I completed my clinical internship at Children's Hospital Los Angeles where I worked with a team of therapists to provide family centered care for medically fragile children and their families. I am also recently certified as a Neurologic Music Therapist. 

I am so humble and grateful to be given the chance to work with so many clients and their families, being allowed to enter their lives and provided appropriate support to them. I will continue to bring positive impact and help my clients reaching their goals through music therapy.